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The Best Smoker for Brisket

March 19, 2017 no comments Product Reviews, Product Reviews, Smokers

I just love smoked brisket!  I won’t settle for second best, it has to be smoked until tender and juicy, and it has to be full of smoke flavor. You can always tell a well-smoked brisket from “ordinarily-smoked” one. So, the big question is how come the same brisket can taste so different? And in this […]

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The Best Tri Tip Marinade – Easy And Delicious

March 11, 2017 no comments Recipes, Marinades, Recipes

The Best Tri Tip Marinade Recipe - Easy And Delicious 2017-03-11 02:11:53 The Tri Tip or also known as "bottom sirloin butt" and "triangle roast" is beautifully marbled and full of meaty flavour and paired with this marinade it is sure to be a favourite for any meat lover. This recipe is simple and pretty much fool [...]
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